Salem, SC – Listeners of Sunny 107.9 WFBS-FM in Salem, South Carolina got an earful of YG and Nipsey Hussle‘s anti-Donald Trump track “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” this week after hackers intercepted the station’s signal. WFBS wasn’t the only station to play the profane track as several other stations revealed that their signals were also targets of the hack in recent times.

On Monday (January 30), WFBS said that the track played on repeat for 15 minutes straight, the Associated Press reports. The small community radio station covers about a 10-mile radius of Salem, but the damage was far-reaching enough for the Federal Communications Commission to get involved and investigate the matter.

Previously, other reports of “FDT” playing at other stations began to occur, including small stations in Seattle; Louisville, Kentucky and San Angelo, Texas. How the hackers were able to pull off the feat was by manipulating the internet-connected signals of the various stations.

In the town of Mooresville, North Carolina, the airing of a Davidson College basketball game was disrupted Tuesday night (January 31) after hackers intercepted the video feed and played a 25-second audio loop of “FDT” reports the Mooresville Tribune.

The general manager of local cable TV provider MI-Connection said that the suspects were able to hack into the station’s audio feed of the Davidson game via a local WHIP radio station. The loop played for around five minutes, according to reports.

On President Trump’s inauguration day (January 20), low-broadcast stations in the aforementioned cities, including Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Evansville, Indiana, also issued reports of “FDT” airing over their respective feeds.

According to a report from Radio Insight, the hack was done with an audio-over-IP device known as a Barix Extreamer and traced the IP address used by the hackers to an international source. The Barix box has been used in similar hacks of what is known as Low Power FM Stations recently as last year.