London, UK – When performing with Drake last night in London’s O2 Arena, special guest Travis Scott fell victim to some elaborate set design. While exploring the stage, Scott took a tumble down a hole where a “light-up globe” set decoration is kept. Many captured the fall on video, and it honestly looks like Scott gets pulled into another dimension.

What’s more remarkable is that Drake doesn’t even seem to realize what has happened at first, and continues to ad-lib, shouting “That’s turnt!” into the mic seconds after Travis Scott has vanished. “Turnt” is one word for it.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like Scott was bothered by the incident. He was on Twitter hours later posting about how much he enjoyed London, and agreeing with Drizzy’s assessment of the situation: “By far one of the most turnt and epic shit ever fuck.”

The fall caused some technical difficulties and a pause in the show, prompting Drake to announce to a delighted crowd that he’d be refunding the tickets – though it remains to be seen whether people get their money back. International Business Times reports that the Canadian rapper said:

“I’m doing this shit for free tonight, I don’t give a fuck. Because, you know what? It’s real love in here tonight. I don’t give a fuck about none of these people fucking up. I’m giving all their shit back. London England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show!”

Drake was also on Instagram, sharing a photo of Scott (as well as the group photo above) — so it seems like everyone has moved on quickly from the fall.


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