Hollywood, CA

Though a regular visitor to HipHopDX, Master P doesn’t usually come by unless he has some big news and with his latest stop, he definitely came with some info. This included an update on the No Limit biopic and a new No Limit signing.

Speaking with DX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark, he gave an estimated release date for his highly anticipated The Ice Cream Man: King of the South biopic and called it one of the best films ever.

“Next year during Martin Luther King’s birthday, we’re hoping to release one of the biggest films released ever,” he said during the sitdown. “Straight Outta Compton did $200 million and we’re waiting to see what the Tupac movie [All Eyez on Me] will do. For us, our story being told from The South, I can’t wait till next year come. I’m going to put it in God’s hands, I like how Straight Outta Compton was formatted. I feel like with my story and everything I’ve been through, it’s going to be one of the best rags to riches stories ever told.”



P also said that he’ll be casting for the film during NBA All-Star Weekend in his hometown next month while giving insight into who exactly should portray him.

“During All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, we’re bringing the cameras out and we’re going to do one of the biggest castings in New Orleans,” he explained. “People coming down for the All-Star Game will be able to go out for some of the roles in the movie. I’m hoping to find someone. They have to have swag. I’m looking for an intelligent hoodlum. Someone who is intelligent, but has street credibility. It’s someone who can be a young boss cause it’s my life story. Most of it will be between 19 to 20 something.”

When it comes to the music, he also brought DX Live alumni Paloma Ford by to announce she has signed to The Tank.



“I mean she’s talented, so to be able to have one of the best females in the game — I feel like she’s the future when you talk about R&B music,” P said.

Ford, who recently dropped her “That Shit Ain’t Cool” video featuring former romantic link Nick Young, said she brings a new flavor to No Limit.

“I don’t want it to be confused with what you think of with No Limit,” she said. “The whole idea of No Limit is that there is no limit, there’s nothing that’s boxed in. It’s going to be true to who I am and bigger. I don’t want to give away too much. We’re still in the early stages of this next project. I’m working on several projects right now with clothing and we’re getting ready to shoot this movie.”