Stitches and his recent arrest in a Whole Foods parking lot for illegally using a handicap space put the Miami rapper front and center for a bit of criticism. Wack 100, The Game’s manager and the man who slugged Stitches in December 2015, chimed in on the arrest via Instagram and seemed to infer that Stitches is playing a role he’s not built for.

Wack 100’s IG post featured video of a TMZ Live report on Stitches’ arrest with hosts Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere sharing details of the moment. Wack’s caption urged caution to young artists who are aiming to portray the thug life and warned that people who associate with people putting on an act can potentially be a detriment to the whole.

“Let this be a lesson to all those that wanna rap or move around and play gangsta . You see real ones know and understand the rules , we know the loop holes in law and know what we can & cant do to preserve your life in these streets. It all looks wonderful from the outside but here’s the real lesson to those that have impostors around them. ‘IF THERE IGNORANCE TO THE STREETS WILL MAKE THEM TELL ON THEMSELVES WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THE SAME IGNORANCE WONT MAKE THEM TELL ON YOU,'” read the caption.

It was reported shortly after Wack 100 punched out Stitches in Miami that he would be working with the rapper but that relationship might be a bit strained now based on this latest instance.