New York, NY

During an interview with The Breakfast ClubJhené Aiko got candid about her affinity for “hopping on dick,” her relationship with Big Sean, their collaborative group, TWENTY88, and how she considers herself a battle rapper (but won’t battle Sean because he’s “too good”). Unfortunately for the pint-size artist, Charlamagne Tha God put the 29 -year-old in an awkward position when he asked her if she was cheating on her now ex-husband Dot Da Genius with Sean when they were still married, which she adamantly denied.

After Charlamagne prodded her about whether or not her ex was seeking spousal support, she dodged the question by saying he would have to “talk to the lawyers” before they segued into how Aiko would explain what “hopping on the D” means to her 8-year-old daughter. Finally, around the 18-minute mark, the hosts get to her new video for “Maniac,” which she directed. The video was shot in an insane asylum and Aiko did countless hours of research to make it all come together.

“I went to the psychiatric museum in Hollywood and watched a whole bunch of movies that were based on insane asylums back in the day, where they would do like ridiculous like treatment techniques,” she explained. “A lot of the techniques for women were crazy. They’d be admitted for PMS symptoms.”



As the conversation wraps up, she admits to being a “nymphomaniac” when she’s in a relationship with someone and confesses she’s stayed with someone who had cheated on her. Watch the full interview above and revisit “Maniac” below.