Keke Palmer took to Twitter and Instagram over the weekend to blast Trey Songz after the singer-songwriter featured her in his “Pick Up The Phone” video without permission. The video has since been pulled from the Internet.

After a fan alerted the actress to the video via Twitter, Palmer quickly responded, condemning Trey Songz for releasing the visuals despite continually expressing her reluctance to be involved.

“This was not approved. You can not use someone’s ‘likeness’ without their approval. Casing point of female disrespect in the industry,” she tweeted before continuing in a string of subsequent posts. “I didn’t even know they were filming. Meanwhile I said I did not want to be in the video. I said it more than once and kept being pressured. I remember this day very well because I so badly didn’t want to be in the video that I HID IN THE CLOSET to avoid conflict. I literally said no. I can’t believe they still put me in it. I said no!”

Palmer later took to Instagram to continue her tirade, accusing Trey Songz of goading her into being filmed with “food, alcohol” and “sexual intimidation.”

This is preposterous. How am I in this video Trey? After you found me in a closet HIDING because I was so afraid of anymore conflict. Literally my last option was to hide because you all would not listen when I said I did not want to be in the video the FIRST time. Just cause you give someone food and alcohol and throw in a little sexual intimidation doesn't mean they will buckle. Yet, you still disrespected me as a young women, whom you've known since she was TWELVE. YOU STILL, defied my wishes and in turn showed your lack of respect for a brand that took me fourteen years to build and put me in the video against my wishes. Come on bruh, I clearly said no and you said okay, yet I was being secretly filmed when you told me "let me just show you the idea"?? Wow. This is what I'm referring to in my previous post, this is the sexism and misogyny I refer to because if I was a dude, he wouldn't have even tried me like this. Let this be a lesson to all, I'm not for the bullshit. I'm serious about my business and you will not use my likeness without MY permission. When you in front of a boss you treat them like one, like I treat YOU. NO MEANS NO!!!!!!! People have to listen to women and stop questioning them and their intelligence. Speak up, cause when you look someone in the face and they say "I understand. You don't have to feel pressured to do the video" and they STILL put you in it, it is a violation. It would be great to be able to handle these things privately but why when they aren't respected?

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She also shared two videos detailing her story of what she thought was just a party in Miami.

The gag is, I just came to party. ??

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After catching wind of Palmer’s comments, Trey Songz took to Twitter and Instagram to share his thoughts on the matter.

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“Babygirl buggin. Point blank period. Got my number, coulda called, saw the cameras and the lights, heard action,” he tweeted before continuing in a subsequent post. “I don’t do this twitter shit, girl you know me and got my number fuck outta here”

Trey Songz later fired off a few subliminal shots in a post via Instagram.