Los Angeles, CA - 

We’re no longer living in a “’90s kind of world” but Queen Latifah recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! to reveal that her former sitcom, Living Single, was in the early stages of making a comeback.

“We’re actually working on it,” her Hip Hop highness said with a grin when a caller nudged her on the subject. The show, which originally aired on FOX for five seasons from 1993-1998, preceded future African American estrogen-empowering programs such as Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane and also starred Kim Coles and Kim Fields.

“It’s not there yet but like hopefully we can get it happening,” the 46-year-old Golden Globe-winning thespian admitted. But when Cohen mentioned the word reboot, Horrible Bosses actor Jason Sudeikis half-jokingly chimed in with, “I thought Friends was the reboot?” to Queen Latifah’s immediate amusement.

Although the notion never ruffled many feathers publicly like say Empire versus Power, keen eyes at the time noticed the similarities between both NYC-based Living Single and Friends, with the latter debuting more than a year after the former. According to The Queen, the similarities were no coincidence.

“It was one of those things where it was a guy called Warren Littlefield who used to run NBC and they asked him when all the new shows came out, they said “If there’s any show that you could have, which one would it be?” and he said, ‘Living Single’ — and he created Friends,” she explained.

Still, Latifah isn’t harboring any animosity for being overshadowed. Despite both sitcoms being undoubtedly popular with their respective fanbases, history will show that Friends is one of the most successful television shows to ever air, with its trophy case including Primetime Emmys, Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards. Living Single’s sole decoration (and recognition) comes in the form of a NAACP Image Award.

“But Friends was so good, it’s not like we hated on it or everything but it was like, you know,” Latifah says.

Get nostalgic with the Living Single intro down below.