R&B newcomer Kev Samples is praying that his new mix tape with G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid, Death of R&B, does more than tightens a few collars; he’s hoping it can help change the game. The ATL native jacks some of today’s hottest R&B songs from artists like Jamie Foxx, T-Pain and Trey Songz and flips them, while taking pot shots at the singers at the same time. “R&B needs something else. Something exciting, something fun, something to change it,” he told BET.

He questions T-Pain’s choice in women and makes fun of Foxx’sIn Living Color” days. Key insists that it’s all in good natured fun; however he’s not backing down if any of the artists want to respond. ”There’s no deep seated beef here, but if one of them wants to take it there, I won’t have a problem with that. Hopefully one of those cats will come back at me. I know how to keep it on wax.”