Soulja Boy’s retelling of his 2008 home invasion robbery and shootout made the Internet rounds earlier this week, and the added new details were astonishing. Joe Budden, never one to pass up a good dig, spoofed Soulja’s story as part of the hilarious #SouljaBoyChallenge meme showdown.

Budden’s version of Soulja Boy’s VladTV interview mimics the moment almost to a T except Budden adds several over-the-top wrinkles to the story. Without breaking character, a subdued Budden is seen speaking to an unseen person meant to portray DJ Vlad and runs down a story of how he was showering when 90 men barged into his home.

With a straight face, Budden continues the story, where he grabs a pistol from under the sink and starts wildly busting off shots while some of the robbers fall into his pool where he finishes the job while walking on water and leaving the assailants laid to waste.

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Other celebrities and social media users are joining in on the fun, with the likes of comedian Mike Epps, social media star DC Young Fly and several others telling their own stories. We’ve collected some of the best for viewing below.


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#PowPowPowPowPow #SouljaBoyChallenge

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#SouljaBoyChallenge part 2.

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I got a story like Soulja boy my shit true too ! #SouljaBoyChallenge

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????? badabah bah bah #soldierboychallenge #souljaboychallenge

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