Azealia Banks wasn’t going to let 2016 creep out of here without leaving her mark one more time. The Harlem rapper posted an Instagram story showing a closet where she performed chicken sacrifices related to witchcraft and she’s offering liquid magic spells via social media as well.

The video featured a goggle-wearing Banks speaking to the camera then turning focus to the evidence of three years of carnage inside the closet. Banks says she’s got a sandblaster ready to clean up the mess, explaining this is part of “Brujería,” the Spanish word for witchcraft.

On Facebook and Instagram, Banks showed off several bottles of a yellow fluid she deemed magic spells and is asking for 30 volunteers to try a sampling of her wares. One user on Instagram noted that the substance inside the bottle curiously looked like urine.

No word yet if anyone has taken Banks up on her hocus pocus giveaway spree.