Prodigy‘s inmate cuisine cookbook, “Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook,” written alongside writer Kathy Iandoli, garnered quite a bit of attention when it was released earlier this fall. Yesterday (Dec. 22), Rapper P took to his Instagram and posted a letter from California officials banning his book from state jails reportedly because of a recipe for moonshine.

“My new book #CommissaryKitchen My Infamous Prison Cookbook Just got banned from every prison in the state of California cause of my hooch recipe. For those who dont know, hooch is homemade alcohol. This is great news for me,” wrote Prodigy in a captioned photo of the letter from the California Division of Adult Institutions.

Controversy sells, and Prodigy is jumping on the free press as any smart businessperson should. He appeared as a guest on TMZ Live yesterday explaining the news of the ban and some of his favorite jailhouse meals. Fans might remember that Prodigy served three and a half years in prison on a 2007 gun charge.

DX reached out to co-author and former DX Music Editor Kathy Iandoli for a reaction to the book’s banning.

“We put a lot of great information in Commissary Kitchen and have expanded upon that info during our College Tour,” she explained. “The fact that California prisons have banned this valuable information over an alcohol recipe that most inmates are already aware of feels both contrived and indicative of the fact that maybe the rest of the book is what they’re concealing. Hopefully, this information will find its way to the right people since keeping inmates healthy was our mission. The Hooch recipe was really for historical context.”

Prodigy is set to release his fifth solo album, The Hegelian Dialectic, in 2017. The album’s first single “Tyranny” was released early in 2016. It’s now deleted from SoundCloud but still available here.

Back in August, an untitled EP was unleashed by the veteran New York rapper which featured EDM-styled beats.