Los Angeles, CA – In the realm of Hip Hop, California has been at the forefront of the culture for decades. Los Angeles and the Bay Area have been important staples in helping to shape the entire genre. Sacramento native Mozzy stopped by DXHQ to shed some light on why his stomping grounds is often left out of the equation and discuss their own unique culture.

“We ain’t got the recognition we need,” exclaims Mozzy. “They ain’t talking about us enough. Where the check? Where the bag? They ain’t came with that baggage, that luggage, so we just still cooking.” When asked about why we haven’t seen rappers from Sacramento, Mozzy explained, “It’s segregated. The Bay Area, for Northern California, is the market. That’s the market. Ain’t no other market.”

Mozzy also took the time to break down the unique, Sacramento slang that he uses. “First off, ‘talumboutit,’ that just means what’s happening. ‘Israeli-do-right,’ that just mean hello.” Perhaps what he’s most known for, “Bladadah,” is as Mozzy puts it, “That’s hex and hella headshots.” Mozzy continued to break down the Sactown slang with, “When we slithering, festivities, and activities that’s gang related shit. ‘Bukanotti,’ that’s oral sex. ‘She gave a nigga bukanotti.’ ‘Pull up activities’ mean I’m on my way.”

The origin of the slang can’t be traced back to any one person but rather, as Mozzy explains, “Somebody will come up with some shit and we’ll tweak that same shit.” The Hellgang Captain also explains how important it is that Sacramento is able to separate itself and carve out an identity. “We so close to the Bay and them niggas got crazy slang off the dribble. We don’t want to sound like that. We are our own. We got our own identity.”

You can get more Mozzy on December 16 when Tapped In, his collaborative album with his Houston brethren, Trae Tha Truth, is slated to drop.