Dee-1 has made it officially cool to pay off your student loans and the anthem “Sallie Mae Back” inspires fans to follow his footsteps and pay off their debt.

The New Orleans rapper announced on Instagram yesterday (December 2) that he is holding a contest to help his fans pay Sallie Mae back for themselves. He is offering $50,000 for five followers to pay off $10,000 of their own student debt. Enter the #PaystoRepay contest here through January 11.

“It feels so good, so good to pay off your student loans,” Dee-1 explains, “and I want everyone to feel that feeling.”

Student loan debt has skyrocketed in recent years and in 2016, students reportedly owe a collective $1.26 trillion for their education. This number is split among 44.2 million people with the average 2016 graduate owing $37,172, which is a six percent increase over last year’s statistics.

With the government preparing plans to help ease the burden from student loans, Dee-1 has taken it upon himself to educate and encourage young people about the reality of the situation.