Los Angeles, CA – Lil Twist had been fairly quiet on the music scene for a while until a couple of mixtapes in 2016, but he apparently picked up a second career as a violent break-in artist right under our noses. The Young Money Entertainment artist will serve a year in jail for robbing and assaulting former Nickelodeon child star, Chris Massey.

Twist was given his sentence on Wednesday (November 30) after facing charges for breaking and entering into the apartment of Massey’s brother, That’s So Raven actor Kyle, in November 2014, according to TMZ. Twist supposedly put hands on Chris Massey and took a Rolex off his wrist. After skipping a court date in September, Twist turned himself in to face the music.

The Texas rapper took a no contest deal for six charges and will be sitting comfy in a Los Angeles County jail. According to the outlet, Twist was facing nearly 10 years. The good news for Twist is that he has a few months to go before serving his time in February and could get out early as August if all things shake out.

Twist sent off a few tweets after his court appearance.