Soulja Boy bumped into TMZ at LAX recently and offered a brief comment on his recent social media scraps with Lil Yachty and Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz.

“I don’t do beef,” Soulja Boy says while flaunting a stack of cash. “I’m not beefin’ with nobody. I’m getting money, bro. I’m going to Dubai. I’m finna make $100,000 cash, bro. I don’t beef bro … We not worried about no beef, bro. I never even heard of these dudes.”

After being asked about the tweet where he placed a $100,000 bounty on Rico Recklezz, Soulja Boy replied: “That was a joke, bro. That was not serious. That was taken out of context. Them tweets was deleted. That was not serious … I’m not worried about no beef baby. I’m on my way to Dubai, somewhere they would never go.”

As for a potential collaboration with either Lil Yachty or Rico Recklezz, Soulja Boy said: “Yeah I’d do a song with them. For the bands.”

The rift between Soulja and Recklezz started when Recklezz dissed Soulja Boy on his recently released freestyle, “No Talking,” ripping him for beefing with Lil Yachty.