New York, NY – As protests continue to erupt around the nation in opposition to the new President-elect, T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) was on the front lines in New York City, where he joined thousands of people in a march against Donald Trump. He posted a few videos to his Instagram account, which showed the melee that was exploding all around him as people tried to make sense of how exactly we got here.

The people have spoken…. They turning America on its head.

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TMZ caught up with him in Hollywood as he was leaving Le Jardin and asked him about his participation in the Big Apple protests. He calmly explained he believes electing Trump has summoned white supremacy and made people feel like they now have a spokesman for their hateful rhetoric.

“I want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and tell them I did everything the Constitution allows me to do,” Harris said. “[The worst part about Trump’s presidency] is the insurgence of all the dark cornered, racist white supremacists and oppressors that exist that they now feel they have a spokesperson and that could be dangerous.”

But he appears to remain hopeful. “God is in control of all,” he said. “Everyone has casualties on both sides. It is what it is.”

T.I. has been unabashedly outspoken in relation to a bevy of hot-button issues and recently penned an angry Instagram rant to Lil Wayne after his dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement during a Nightline interview. Tip’s latest EP, Us Or Else, also addresses a variety of social and political topics, which is clearly something he’s passionate about.

Check out the TMZ interview above.