T.I. recently ended his silence about the murder of his friend and personal assistant, Philant Johnson.

Johnson was murdered in Cincinnati following a concert after-party May 3. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed what went down in those first moments following the shooting. After the shooting, the rapper promised his friend that things would be alright.

I told him that I had him and it was going to be all right…that’s when I lied to him,” T.I. stated.

Although Atlantic Records released a statement announcing that the rapper would continue with his current tour with a performance in New Orleans May 9, T.I. changed his mind about the show.

I’m kind of like watching my life change right before my eyes. I’m figuring out whether or not I even want to keep doing this right now. I don’t know,” he said.

A memorial service for Johnson is being held this afternoon at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in Atlanta; T.I. is slated to speak at the service.