Beanie Sigel is pulling a “Back To Back” on Meek Mill with the release of his “GoodNight” diss track aimed at the younger Philadelphia MC.

After the release of “I’m Coming,” the Broad Street Bully reasserts his dominance over the City of Brotherly Love on the Bink! The Humble Monsta-produced track with bars like, “The reason Philly even on the map, me / The reason your silly ass rap, me.”

After Beans and State Property appeared in a BET Cypher at this week’s Hip Hop Awards, Meek Mill claimed he was the one who set up the feature for the city.

The beef stems back to before Sigel appeared on Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” diss track directed at The Game. After the legend claimed he helped Meek and Omelly write their bars for the song, Dreamchasers affiliate Teefy Bey punched him backstage at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour stop in Philly.

In “GoodNight,” Beans reasserts many of the points he made in his two-hour interview with Taxstone about the whole beef.

Check out some of the key lyrics below.

“You ain’t been through wars, hugging your boys crying

Might not make it back, but you riding, you lying”

“I’m the dad you never had

What’s your problem, nigga?

I’m like your father figure

And with that being said, daddy’s here to put the kids to bed

Now get your ass upstairs

And I better not hear that TV on, SP chasing niggas with the DC on”

“Sad thing is, I really fucked with ya

I just feel sorry for whoever stuck with ya

Good luck to ya

Nigga please, youngin, I’m out your league

I’m out your field, let’s be for real

I could keep going, but that’s overkill

I guess I’ll see you when I see you

But when I see you, wouldn’t wanna be you

Good night”