Nas recently gave credit where credit’s due in an unexpected tribute to Marley Marl.

The Queensbridge lyricist shared his tribute via Instagram earlier this week, uploading a vintage photo of Marley Marl and praising the hometown hero’s talents as a musician.

Nas offered the following caption:

“It was dope to see this man doin it so big, pushin thru in ill whips, around 87, 88, with that gleam. Marley Marl, the super producer who changed the entire World musically. Damn near invented sampling. Usually it was street hustlers u saw Shining around the way..but he gave me HOPE that u could make it out another way. Salute to a hometown Hero who started it all.. MARLEY MARL.”

Nas may have been moved to share his words of praise given that Marley Marl celebrated a birthday on September 30.

Back in 2012, it was revealed that Nas originally wanted Marley Marl to produce his sophomore album, It Was Written. Complex reported that the idea fell apart “when Nas heard unfinished songs on the radio.”