There are a lot of different perspectives in Hip Hop right now from Young Thug to Isaiah Rashad releasing projects within the past few weeks ranging across the spectrum of the genre.

R.E.A.L. Tha Poet adds his voice to the conversation with his latest release, Learn on the Fly. The 11-track project from the Lexington rapper explores spirituality, ambition and relationships. Voiceover from President Barack Obama on the opening track “Run!” collides with folk and rock influences on “Spittin’ Venom.” Production comes from Jake “J-Ideas” Drescher.

Learn on the Fly is released through Urban Creek Media, which R.E.A.L. helped found in 2013 with J-Ideas and Brandon Jones.

“The crew set a goal to provide alternative themes and sounds within the realm of music without having to be shoved into a box of what’s fresh, what’s new, what’s on the radio or what’s ‘different,'” the label’s website says.

Stream R.E.A.L. Tha Poet’s Learn on the Fly below and find the cover art and tracklist.

R.E.A.L. Tha Poet Learn On The Fly Cover Art
  1. Run! (f. Crystalyn Boyer and David Napier)
  2. Black Fish
  3. newspeak
  4. Plastic People
  5. Spittin’ Venom
  6. Mind Lifted (f. Allen Poe)
  7. Learn on the Fly (f. Jake Horstmeier and Brandon Jones)
  8. Couple Days (f. Debraun Thomas)
  9. Well Traveled
  10. Cut My Wings
  11. Hope (f. David Napier)