Irvine, CA – A video has surfaced of Lil Uzi Vert seemingly trying to run up on an unknown rapper, presumed to be Reese LaFlare, while being held back by security guards and yelling obscenities at the Orange County Day N Night Festival.

Uzi eventually breaks free from security and for a second, it looked like he’d get his chance to throw blows with his enemy, but he’s prevented from doing so.

“You a f*ggot,” he’s heard yelling. “You a bitch ass nigga.”

According to Complex, it was Reese LaFlare that the “Top” rapper was after, but Reese took to Twitter to dispel the report that it was him.

“A nigga who REALLY got problems is NOT finna do all that yelling and running in circles ….,” Reese wrote in a Tweet. “Shit look good for the camera tho …. CAP !”

Their beef stems from a conversation OG Maco was having on Twitter about Lil Uzi Vert swiping his “rock star” swag. Maco then brought Reese into the discussion and Uzi called him a “clown” who’d been “punched on already.”

LaFlare took pressures from the diss and turned it into “180secs,” meant especially for the Philly MC.

It’s still not clear who Uzi Vert was after in the altercation, but according to Reese, it wasn’t him.

Check out Lil Uzi Vert chasing after some unknown rapper, allegedly Reese LaFlare (which he denies in his tweets) below.