Bow Wow announced his retirement from rap by saying that he will be leaving with a bang, getting Snoop Dogg to executive produce his swan song. Despite past remarks that he always hated rapping, the 29-year-old entertainer made a post on Twitter yesterday saying he is content with his accomplishments.

Lil Bow Wow, who is now known as Shad Moss, burst onto the scene in 2000 when he released his Beware of Dog album at 13 years old. He also starred in the 2002 film Like Mike. He shed the “Lil” title shortly after the success of the movie and continued working as Bow Wow until last year when he announced he wanted to be known as his given name. After having a rocky journey with Cash Money Records, Moss announced that he signed with Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment in September.

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The Internet had too much fun with the news that Moss is leaving the music industry to focus more on film and television projects.

There are still Bow Wow fans in the world and they voiced their opinion as well. Unless these users were being sarcastic…