The woman who allegedly had a child with Jay Z, speaks out.

Wanda Satterthwaite, mother to aspiring rapper Rymir Satterthwaite, has issued a video response to the paternity suit her son filed against Jay Z. In the video, which was posted by Radar Online, Satterthwaite expresses her full support for her son, and goes on to defend the allegations she made in regards to Jay Z serving as the father of Rymir.

She also detailed an incident in which she was discriminated against while in the courtroom.

“I want the world to know that I support my son in his paternity suit with Sean Carter,” Wanda Satterthwaite said in her video statement. “I stand on my allegations regarding this matter. Mr. Carter’s Defense Attorney in 2012 in New Jersey didn’t want me to sit next to her in the courtroom and stated, I quote, ‘I don’t want her sitting next to me. I don’t want her sitting next to me. I would not represent someone like her.’ End quote. And I do feel she owes me an apology because her remarks show discrimination towards me. And was reported to the Ethics Board chair, but nothing was done.”

Satterthwaite also spoke on allegations of fraud in the matter, specifically court orders where names were said to have been changed and removed.

“There’s been other similar problems after this,” she said. “Yes, the Governor of Pennsylvania is reviewing information of allegations of fraud in Philadelphia regarding court orders when parties names were changed and removed.”

In early 2015, it was reported that Rymir Satterthwaite and his legal guardian, Lillie Coley filed a civil suit against Jay Z due to the submission of “fraudulent information to the court.”

Jay Z has yet to address Wanda and Rymir Satterthwaite’s allegations, publicly.

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