It’s no surprise Cam’ron called a press conference to talk about his Jay-Z diss track, among other things. Why not? He has an album dropping soon, a movie due out and of course, the Dip Set could always use some extra shine.

Sitting in a lineup at Tribeca Cinemas in lower Manhattan, the entire Dip Set, minus Jim Jones who was absent due to a death in the family, looked on in encouragement as Cam spoke his peace.

Suffice it to say, this writer missed the part of the press conference where Cam spoke his mind and promo’d his new album and new movie, both titled Killa Season, but I did catch a large portion of the Q&A, and will share what gems I heard with you.

Overrall, Cam said the straw that broke the camel’s back with Jay-Z was when he held the “I Declare War” concert and then “kissed Nas.” Cam revealed that his beef with Jay may have started back when Hov was on vacation and Dame asked Cam to be VP of Roc-a-Fella, whereby Jay deaded the idea upon his return. Cam says he actually refused the position because he asked for $750,000 and Dame couldn’t match his demand. Throughout the conference, Cam made it clear that he needed to get things off his chest. He doesn’t care if Jay responds or not. And he doesn’t have beef with anyone else right now, and if he does, he’ll make a song about it.

Even though Juelz was parked behind Cam, the Dip Set leader said, contrary to what people might think, Juelz was not trying to break with Def Jam anytime soon. Juelz was still good over there. He also shed light on the fact that the real reason Lance “Un” Rivera and Jay had beef way back when was over female rapstress Charli Baltimore, not some imaginary bootleg beef. According to Cam, who looked to Miss Info in the audience for confirmation, Jay was sprung on Charli, Biggie’s ex…

When asked if he was disappointed by the sales of his last album, Cam confidently said he hasn’t released an album that didn’t go Gold. And Come Home With Me did 1.3. So he wasn’t disappointed at all. He also commented on some of his lyrics, like about Jay wearing jeans with choncletas. He asked the audience, tell me if I don’t know what’s up, would that look cute if I wore this outfit and choncletas? He also said he dropped the line about him having Beyonce sing about the drug game on one of his songs before “Me & My Girlfriend” came out. And he only got dirty about B, but then apologized in a later line, because he knew Jay would catch feelings.

At the end, Cam emphasized that he and Dip Set would keep it moving because they had a busy release schedule to keep up with. And then they hung around to chat… All things considered, Cam seemed extremely comfortable in his own skin.