Trick Daddy to star in the latest addition to the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

According to Miami rapper Trick Daddy, he plans on adding a nice dose of realness to reality TV, as one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. The musician shared the news with Bossip over the weekend.

With reality television notoriously known to showcase some of its stars in an unfavorable light, Trick revealed that he won’t be made a fool of on the show.

“I just met with Mona last week and we’re trying to do this thing right,” Trick Daddy said while speaking with Bossip. “Put some real Miami bitches and real Miami niggas on the show…One thing I won’t do is make a fool of myself. If we gone make a fool of somebody it won’t be me, so it’ll be interesting.”

Trick Daddy, who recently filed for bankruptcy, says a portion of his storyline for Love & Hip Hop: Miami will focus on him managing two of his artists, Premadonna and Mike Smith.

“It’s all gonna come out on the show. We’re just trying to do what we do, do what I do,” the rapper said.

Trick Daddy will reportedly start filming for the show in May. There is no word yet on when Love & Hip Hop: Miami will air.