Chris Gotti says 50 Cent struck first in brawl with Ja Rule in Atlanta.

Although the fight between Ja Rule and 50 Cent was detailed in Ja’s memoir, Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man, Chris Gotti recently offered his take on the brawl between the two rappers. According to Gotti, the two were in Atlanta when they were encouraged to hash out their differences.

He says the two were talking one-on-one when Ja hit 50 Cent with a barrage of questions, and was then struck by the rapper. Ja Rule allegedly pulled 50 Cent’s shirt over his head, and began hitting him.



During his interview with Vlad TV, Gotti also recalled the moment in which he believes the feud between the two Queens lyricists began.

“[50 Cent] was invited to come,” Chris Gotti said while speaking on a videoshoot after party. “Again, I don’t know him. Irv doesn’t know him. Ja doesn’t know him…This is the essence of where the beef started…50 comes in the back. Says ‘what’s up’ again.’ And I guess he didn’t get enough conversation from Rule. Rule just said ‘what’s up’ and kept moving. Rule was talking to everybody. And I think he wanted to talk to him some more than he did or whatever. And was probably a little pissed off or something. And shortly after that is when he started doing little mixtapes or underground records.

“We see him in Atlanta…Ja and 50 walk off, talking,” he added. “Rule got that big voice. You hear him ‘I don’t know you. Why are you making these records?’ 50 snuffed him…You wanna hear the real story? Ja took the snuff. Takes him. Has his shirt over his head. Hitting ’em right back. Gets out of his shirt and he starts running…Gets away. That’s what happened that day.”



The most talked about piece of paperwork in Hip Hop, the alleged order of protection 50 Cent filed against Murder Inc, was also discussed during Gotti’s interview.

“First and foremost, with paperwork, no one’s gonna fake paperwork,” Gotti said. “Who cares? At the end of the day, no one cares. No one’s gonna fake the paperwork…I heard his baby mother, saying that she was at the precinct when he did the report to get the order of protection. So, she’s not lying. And it was real. Both of those things I know to be true.”

Video of Chris Gotti speaking on 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s brawl in Atlanta, can be found below.

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