Beef between rappers is common, but a personal beef is stirring between two of rap’s major figures. The first shots are being fired by Dipset’s Cam’Ron and are directed towards Jay-Z.

Although there were rumors of a beef between the two emcees, Cam set this off in a current mix-tape with the track, You Got It.
In the song, Cam takes jabs at Jay-Z’s age, his biting and his current girlfriend.

On Jay using Biggie’s rhymes:
“You ain’t the only one with big wallets/ Got it/ My sh–‘s brolick/ But ya publishing should go to Miss Wallace…”

On leaving Def Jam:

“I left the label right/ Lotta cats wonder how/ Every time I dis that label I get fined a hundred thou.”

On Jay’s famous girlfriend:

“Beyonce, fiancee?/ Check my second LP/ I might bring her back/ That’s your girl, that’s your world/ Had the thing f—ing singing ’bout slinging crack!”

He then uses another song Swagger Jacker (Biter Not a Writer) to highlight the many songs Jay has borrowed lines from to claim it’s no wonder Jay is no longer in the game.

“No wonder a nigga retired…There’s nothing left to steal from,” he concluded.

In the next issue of XXL, Cam explains where the beef originated.
“The real problems began when Jay went away and Dame was talking about making me president. When Jay came back, he had an attitude,” Cam said of the beef. “He said to [Beanie Sigel] something to the effect that he didn’t feel comfortable with what Dame was trying to do,” he added.

Although it is unkown whether the dis track will appear on his next album Killa Season, the track is creating a buzz at a rapid pace. Some are speculating Jay will respond to Cam while others feel that he may just pass on this battle. Stay tuned to find out…

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Source:, SOHH