For fans that have been patiently waiting for R&B singer Toni Braxton to bear it all, the fantasy is one step closer to reality. Braxton is currently in negotiations with Playboy magazine.

If Braxton does accept, fans looking to see it all won’t be seeing it all. Eager beavers will only be able to view her from the top up.

“(Playboy bosses) have asked. I haven’t done it yet. I just can’t do the bottom thing because that’s really intimate and really personal,” she says of her body.
In other words, Braxton who once sang about imagining a man ”touching her private parts”, won’t be bearing her “private parts.”

However, her breast are another story.

“But boobies, what is it? A dime a dozen. You can buy some for $5,000. Who cares? But the thing down there, you can’t really buy that, or can you? Do you know if you can buy that? All jokes aside, I can’t do the bottom thingy,” she said.

FYI to all those curious: for the right price, you can get some work for the “thing down there.”