Sadly, 2005 saw many rappers shot. Suge, Cam and others were added to the list of wounded hip hop stars. Just before we all said goodbye to the year that was, Shady Records artist Obie Trice added his name to the list when he was shot in Detroit, Michigan.

The rapper recieved the gun shots while driving down a Detroit highway. According to Michigan State Police Sgt. Mario Gonzales an unnamed gunman fired from a vehicle behind Obie’s and shot through the back of the rap star’s automobile around 1:00 a.m. Saturday.

After being shot,Trice managed to drive off the freeway in Southfield, a suburb in Detroit. His girlfriend, who was riding beside him managed to flag down police officers for assistance. His girlfriend was not injured.

Trice was then taken to Providence Hospital for treatment and was later released. According to Gonzales there are no suspects yet, but detectives are looking into the matter.

Obie’s last album Cheers to recieved rave reviews, including one from DX. He’s also appeared in a film, 8 Mile and is prepping his next release.