Eminem is no stranger to feuds and one may be rekindling with Moby.

A few years ago, Eminem joked about the singer’s career and age, among other things in Without Me:

“And Moby? You can get stomped by Obie…
You don’t know me, you’re too old, let go/
It’s over, nobody listen to techno…”

A few years later, Moby reflects on how the feud came about in his online journal.

i respect the prodigy and i respect Eminem as talented and relevant musicians, but i spoke up because i found the misogynistic content of their lyrics (among many others) to be deeply offensive. even if they themselves are not misogynists
i found it irresponsible that they, and many others, would release music that glamorized misogyny.”

He brings this up because an Eminem impersonator recently killed a woman with a baseball bat and stuffed her body in a suitcase. While Moby claims there may or may not be a connection, his beef is with the media and how they handle the topic.

“it’s disgusting that people in the media and the press have celebrated and glamorized music and musicians who write lyrics that glorify misogyny and homophobia. there is nothing glamorous about homophobia and misogyny. homophobia and misogyny are disgusting and vile and represent the worst and most atavistic elements of the human spirit.”

He went on to ask a rhetorical question dealing with the issue.

“‘if a musician made a record wherein he talked about killing blacks and jews would he get covered in the press and played on radio and mtv? if the answer is ‘no'(as it should be), then why is radio and mtv filled with music that has lyrics about killing and brutalizing women and gays? is it somehow less offensive when women and gays are brutalized and killed?”

He went on to further criticize Em and his supporters.

“any employee of a record company or journalist or radio programmer or mtv employee who has promoted and celebrated misogynystic or homophobic music should be ashamed.
you have blood on your hands, and you should be deeply, deeply troubled at the culture that you’ve helped to create.”

Source: MSNBC.com, Moby.com/journal