Future is refusing to talk to police regarding the death of his former bodyguard, according to TMZ.

The rapper reportedly had not worked with Michael Phillips since 2012 and has no information regarding his murder, the site says.

Nonetheless, Future will not speak to the police, even to say he knows nothing.

(The most recent story in this thread was published earlier today [January 26, 2015]. It is as follows.)

Georgia police want to talk to Future to see if he can help them find who shot and killed his former bodyguard, according to TMZ.

Police said they do not have any suspects, but do have several leads in the case and would like to speak to all of Michael Phillips’ friends for information. 

Future tweeted a message to Phillips today (January 26). 

“Rest in Paradise Big Mike Lafamilia forever lil bro #FBG,” Future wrote on Twitter.

(The original post in this thread was published January 25, 2016. It is as follows.)

Clayton County, Georgia officials say Future’s bodyguard, Michael Phillips, 27, was murdered this afternoon (January 25) inside his home in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Fox 5 news reports that neighbors heard “some arguing and gunshots” inside Phillips home around 1pm EST. Phillips wife was home when the altercation occurred, but was in a different part of the house. Authorities are still searching for the gunman.

According to Lt. Frank Thomas, the Clayton County Police Department is still “interviewing Phillips’ neighbors and trying to piece together what happened.”

Phillips was reportedly recently married and expecting a child. He also played the piano at the Hands of Faith Deliverance Center in Riverdale, Georgia.

HipHopDX extends its condolences to family and friends of Michael Phillips.