Platinum-selling recording artist Chingy has endured his fair share of adversity since bursting onto the scene in 2003. After much success throughout the decade, his career took a hit after he was embroiled in a nasty lie with transgender model Sidney Starr.

Although the rumors were cleared up, it didn’t do much to boost his popularity and his recent endorsement(?) of Donald Trump for President of the United States won’t likely do him any favors.

Without warning earlier today, the St. Louis rapper born Howard Watkins, Jr. ignited his name into Twitter’s trending topics by lending his support for the Republican party’s leading candidate.

“Politics vs society. People should innerstand that politics is a business jus like the job you work at. I vote for @realDonaldTrump “YEP” 3,” he wrote. “[Donald Trump] knows how to conduct business. This country is a business an needs to be ran by a businessman. It’s not personal people!”

Naturally, the bulk of Chingy’s 88,000+ Twitter followers disagreed and made that crystal clear in their responses. One user replied with vitriol like “fams worry about making a hit. you clearly don’t acquire the necessary knowledge to speak on politics,” while others simply told him he was no longer black, as in socially identifying with African-American culture.

Despite his ostentatious public persona, a new report revealed that Donald Trump has a solid lead in Iowa amongst GOP supporters.

With the way the campaigns are being operated, Chingy just very well may get his chance to put his votes where his tweets are. He also claims that his tweets are not an endorsement for Trump’s presidency, per se.