The notorious DMX, never a stranger to the wrong side of the law, is once again headed up north for a short bid. And of course, he was sent there in classic fashion. X entered his guilty plea (to violating the terms of his parole), on Thursday, November 17. The Judge firmly instructed him to show up on time for his 4 p.m. sentencing. If he failed to comply, he’d be looking at extra time.

Much like he used to do for his interviews with the press, X showed up nearly 3 hours late for sentencing. He received not only the ire of the Judge, but an additional 10 days on his 60 day sentence.

DMX claimed that an asthma attack was the cause of the hold up, and even produced a doctors note to back up his claim. Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt did not care as the rapper continued to ignore her rules and regulations. X is currently in the clink.