Safaree Samuels recently appeared on Tim Westwood and was asked what he thought of Meek Mill and his apparent rough year in 2015 to which Safaree replied with a laugh.

“I don’t even know who that is,” Nicki Minaj’s ex says in the exclusive interview published Thursday (December 24). “I don’t know who that is. I been out here promo-ing and all I hear about is Safaree.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Safaree was asked if he would ever consider making matters up with his ex Nicki Minaj who is currently dating Meek Milly.

“I’m not like a grudge-ful person you know what I’m saying,” says Safaree. “Whenever somebody can’t reconcile and just be cool with it that means they still got a lot of feelings and they still not over it. I’m over it.”

The full Tim Westwood, Safaree on Meek Mill interview is as follows:

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