Tiffany Gouche recently released her Pillow Talk EP and hit up DXHQ to talk about it.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, she talked about the project.

“I put my heart into this and I really wanted to get back to the feels, back to making music for the heart,” she said via a segment of today’s (December 16) DX Daily. “I just wanted to make good music and I’m excited about Pillow Talk.”

Tiffany Gouche also talked about being both an artist and producer and explained how she likes the fact she’s a woman.

“I’m glad that I’m a female producer and I want to make a statement ’cause it is a million different things,” she said. “I just want to show people that I’m ready and I’m always going to work on my craft.”

Finally during the interview, Gouche talked about her working relationship with Casey Veggies and Lil Simz.

Watch the full DX Daily segment featuring Tiffany Gouche below: