With his new album, When It’s Dark Out now out, Oakland, California lyricist G-Eazy was asked if he thinks his latest work will take him to another level with his music career, during an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning.

The musician revealed that the album has the ability to take him to that next level while still keeping his core audience happy.

“I think both,” G-Eazy said. “That’s the line to walk. Is to grow and expand as an artist, but keep your core. Especially for somebody like me, who it’s been so organic. It’s been so from the soil, so there’s still fans. I did a meet and greet yesterday and I was talking to people who have been there since there was no one there…Just meeting people like ‘Yo, I was at that first New York show.’ And still here, years later. You just gotta stay true to yourself, I think.”

Given his underground status, G-Eazy was later asked if he one day hopes to break into the mainstream. The rapper took a more humorous approach to the question, revealing that he hopes to one day reach Justin Bieber status.

“It’s been very internet, very underground,” he said. “I want the world. I want to be Justin Bieber. I want to be the biggest thing in the world…At the end of the day, like I said, it’s just about staying true to yourself. If you can bring that to the universe then that’s the dream.”

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