Chinara Butler was part of the team that released Pimp C‘s posthumous Long Live the Pimp album earlier this month.

Pimp C’s son, Chad Butler, Jr. released a statement saying he was not involved in the project’s creation and said his father would be disappointed.

“The only person who benefits is his wife Chinara,” he said, “who doesn’t return phone calls or communicate with us at all, and possibly our sister Christian, but even that is debatable. My father was always supportive of myself and my brother, and I know he wouldn’t want us to be forgotten as a part of his legacy.”

Butler spoke with Billboard about these comments and said she is “disheartened” by them. She explains that the proceeds of the album go to Pimp C’s estate, which benefits all of his children.

According to DJs Doing Work, the album credits show publishing rights under The Estate of Chad Butler/ASCAP. Butler also released a letter of direction from 2008 with Bug Music, which lists herself Dahcorey Turner (Corey Butler), Chad Butler II and Pimp C’s daughter Christian Butler as “Grantor” of the publishing deal.

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