Future’s history with Atlanta’s legendary Dungeon Family is well known and literally is family.

The second cousin of Rico Wade, Future recalled in a recent cover story with Mass Appeal meeting Wade and also, his first time making a trip to The Dungeon.

“First time I went to The Dungeon, I just went in there and laid one verse and a hook,” he remembered. “I was shy because there was so many people in the studio. And they was like ‘Oh that’s [Rico] cousin. He just tryna get the fame.’ They ain’t really want me there so I just didn’t come back around.”

Future also talked about his beginnings as a rapper among his peers in Atlanta and recalls being impatient about a lack of success early on.

“I had a vision for myself and I was putting in work for that vision, but it didn’t feel like I was going nowhere,” he said. “Like I’m hustling and thinking of a way out, but I’m not getting out because I’m doing what I’m doing every day. I would do anything to get that paper.

“I wouldn’t want nobody to go through what I went through,” he continued later in the interview. “’Cause it was hard and you just might not make it. Nobody made it but me. I’m not sitting around like that shit was cool. I thank God every day.”

Future released his most recent video for “Rich Sex” last week and his most recent project, What A Time To Be Alive, with Drake, on September 20. Read the full story here.

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