According to New Jersey producer Just Blaze, the new album from Slaughterhouse could be out before the end of the year. He made the reveal while appearing on Snoop Dogg’s GGN web-show.

Blaze revealed that they’re currently “in the last phases” of the album, and he’s currently working on mixing the project.

“Now that I’m back off the road for a bit, I’m wrapping up the new Slaughterhouse album,” Just Blaze said. “So, we’re in the last phases of that now. We’re mixing. We got about another week’s worth of mixing left. And then hopefully that’ll be out to the world by the end of the year.”

When asked who the one, non-Hip Hop artist he’d like to work with is, Just Blaze named the late James Brown. He spoke on the similarities between himself and the funk pioneer, revealing that they both created their biggest records “on the fly.”

“I would say James Brown,” he said. “He was the architect that kind of gave us our foundation. The things that he can do just with his…He understood music. He didn’t know music. He just understood it. He couldn’t sit there and chart something out for you. Notate a record. He just said ‘Yo Bobby, you do this. Clyde, you do this. Alright, you do this. You do this. Play’…It was just that live energy. Part of the reason why his records were so good is because there was a spontaneous energy to them. Cause a lot of those records were done on the fly. And I understand that because I feel like a lot of my hit records…have always been spontaneous.”

Just Blaze later spoke on his travels around the world as a new-found EDM star, and the excitement he’s been met with while traveling to places like Japan.

“The first time I went to Japan, they had me feeling like I was Michael Jackson,” the producer said. “They was waiting outside the airport with posters. Asking me to sign records. Girls is crying. And after a while you start to understand it’s because they have a deeper level of appreciation. But the crazy thing is they might not speak a word of English. That same show that I’m talking about. It was a tour. That first night I did—Actually, the second night. I did a show at this spot called Harlem in Tokyo…The entire night the entire crowd is singing every song word-for-word…I’m attempting to have conversations with people, thinking ‘Y’all knew all the words.’ No. Didn’t know a word of English.”

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