Kanye West has been characterized as vein in the past, and usually it has to do with the things he says or public actions.

Regardless, a surprising (or not surprising) report was recently made public about ‘Ye’s spending habits when it comes to haircuts. During a recent interview with Heat MagazineRihanna’s father Ronald Fenty, who travelled with Kanye and his daughter during a tour in 2010, says West spends $500 daily on haircuts.

“It’s crazy – he pays his barber $500 a time,” He relayed. “I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look.” Things may be different now since his touring experience with the superstar producer/emcee came five years ago.

If this story is true, or at least was true at the time, barber Ibn Jasper would make $182,500 a year just from cutting Kanye’s hair, as Complex figured.

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