Erykah Badu’s “Hotline Bling But You Caint Use My Phone Mix” cover of Drake’s “Hotling Bling” will appear on the singer’s forthcoming mixtape, according to Noisey.

But You Caint Use My Phone will be released next week and is named after a lyric from the singer’s 1997 single “Tyrone.”

Badu says that even though she hasn’t released an album in several years that’s she’s been working on new material. 

“I just kinda live and experience,” she says during the Noisey interview. “I’m writing all the time, but recently I got the bug back. When it comes, it comes, and I can’t force it, but recently I got it back with ‘Hotline Bling’ and all the other things I’ve been experimenting with.

The Texas artist is also premiering “Live Nudity,” her first-ever one-woman improv show, at Dallas’s Black Academy of Arts and Letters this week. She says that despite a heavy touring schedule during the last 18 years, she still isn’t completely comfortable on stage.

“The stage is my main place, but being by myself there… I don’t know why that stresses me out, but it does,” she says. “I’m sure that nervous energy will turn into something really honest that I’ll end up sharing. But I don’t know what’ll happen, so we’ll see.”

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