Hip Hop and Hollywood has always been a sounding board for speaking about broad issues and it isn’t any more true with Antonique Smith.

In a recent sit-down with HipHopDX News Editor Soren Baker, the New Jersey-born actress explains how she believes disease is more caused by pollution rather than heredity.

“Honestly it’s a social justice movement just like civil rights,” she said via a segment of today’s (October 22) DX Daily. “We’ve been going around the country telling everybody that the reason you’re dying of cancer and heart disease and asthma is not because it’s ‘hereditary’ like they want us to believe. It’s because it’s the amount of pollution in the air and in our water from the power plants.”

Smith also talked about where she has protested and who she knows who’ve been affected by disease believed to be caused by climate change.

“We went to Ferguson, we went to Detroit, we went to Chicago, we went to Baltimore, we had a rally in L.A. yesterday and what people don’t understand is they’re literally breathing in toxins and don’t understand their apartment complexes are built on landfills,” she said. “My aunt died this year in January of cancer and my dad had cancer. He beat it thank God… [We want] the people to know the truth.”

Watch the full DX Daily below:

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