50  Cent donated $10,000 to Hitman Holla‘s mother, Sevmek Fulton and her foundation, Passion for Pink.

“If you noticed me over the years you know I don’t mind fighting,” 50 Cent writes in a post on Instagram. “I been fighting my whole life. I had to fight in my hood for position, fight my way into music,fight to Win. Now I gotta fight to keep it, it’s cool it’s just another fight. The only lost on my record is to cancer my Nana was the love of my life, but @hitmanholla mom is gonna Win the rematch for me.”

Fulton is a survivor of breast cancer and held a fundraiser with Passion for Pink over the weekend.

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Ali, a member of St. Lunatics, told Fox 2 Now St. Louis, reached out to the G-Unit rapper about Fulton’s cause. 50 Cent said that in honor of his Nana, his Effen Vodka company would sponsor the charity event and donate the $10,000. He also promised to match whatever people donated at the event, up to $10,000.

“I got the call, I was out of town, I was just happy,” Hitman Holla said to the news outlet. “I tweeted to 50 like thanks, man. I just love support, can’t thank Ali enough.”

The foundation’s website says that Passion for Pink seeks to “build awareness while generating funds to provide assistance to families with loved ones suffering from breast cancer. With help from our generous donors we can provide different levels of assistance to families from all walks of life.”

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