In the midst of West Coast Hip Hop’s Super Bowl, or the How The West Was Won Concert that recently took place Saturday night (October 10), numerous artists were available for press.

Speaking with HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, West Coast legends Kurupt and The D.O.C. spoke about a few different topics including lessons they’ve learned.

“I learned it from Snoop,” Kurupt said via a segment of today’s (October 14) DX Daily. “Snoop always stays present with the present times of music and everything like that and one thing Snoop taught me was that this is about music more than anything so I got to stay updated with what’s going on as far as keeping it G’d up.”

The D.O.C. talked about the similarities of his native city Dallas and where he would make his name, over in Los Angeles. The No One Can Do It Better rapper also spoke about getting some of his voice back.

“The West Coast and Dallas [have] the same energy,” he explained. “The Geto Boys and UGK and all those boys, it feel like early West Coast shit ’cause it’s the same feeling so bro I’m just blessed. God decided to allow me to do something that was taken away from me that I love doing, bro. I’m grateful and I’m thankful. My voice is a little different but I’m still kind of cool with this shit.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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