During an interview with Vlad TV, Mississippi rapper David Banner offered his thoughts on race, the American dream, the evolution of his rap career, and more.

While speaking with DJ Smallz Eyes, Banner revealed a thought that recently came to mind in regards to the American dream. According to the Southern wordsmith, the American dream wasn’t meant for people of color.

“I had this thought today,” David Banner said. “I was trying to figure out why our people and why this generation is in the position that it’s in. And I thought about something. It’s because—especially as it pertains to my people. We chase the American dream so hard and so long. And the dream was never made for us. It was never meant for us to be a part of it. We chased it so hard that we put our children in front of the television. We put our kids in front of the radio. We put our kids in front of the video game, which are programmed…to make them feel that they were less than human. You wonder why kids wanna be thieves. That’s all they ever saw on television for the most part.”

Banner later shared the story of what inspired him to start rapping again. He explained that a fan on Twitter congratulated him on his accolades outside of music, but was concerned about the lack of new music available to fans.

“I’ll tell you one of the reasons why I started rapping again,” he said. “There was this young kid…on Twitter. He said ‘David Banner, I’m really proud of your success. I saw the Gatorade commercial. I saw all the movies you were in. Congratulations.’ But he was basically like ‘But what about me?’ He was like ‘What if your music helped me?’ And I never thought about that, bro. When I first got into the game it was about my people. It was about Mississippi. It wasn’t about David Banner.”

David Banner’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.