Ice Cube’s song “It Was a Good Day” from his 1992 album Predator was translated into Shakespearian language and retitled as “‘Twas a Good Day” by Royal Frontier.

The website rewrote the lyrics in iambic pentameter based on lines that William Shakespeare used in his plays.

The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” and Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” have also been translated as “Jvicy” and “A Knave’s Tale” in Shakespearian.

Collectible prints of the poems are available for purchase at Society6.

The Ice Cube mini print and the translation of  the first verse of “It Was a Good Day” are below:

Ice Cube 'Twas a Good Day

Awake, awake! I pray my thanks to God
For this strange day’s rare, wondrous fantasies.
The cur lieth quiet, air lieth light.
I alight on a meal fit for Shylock
And content myself with the light breakfast.
I received a letter from the maiden,
Whom I pray may finally share her fruits,
And I sent forth to attend her tonight.
Forecasting my future in plagued times
‘Fore casting myself out into my cart,
Delighting as did once the chariots.
Upon brief respite, mine eyes trace the grounds.
O what relief: the knaves are all scatter’d
And for the peace I often hold such strife.
A message arrived from a wench, O,
Whose watery moon glimmers through the night.
I seek the friends playing at bowls for sport
For I kiss’d the jack, desired mistress,
And won a brave game when last we played.
Upon the field, I triumph as Ares
Dreaming a dream that’s touched by fairies.

To read the rest of “‘Twas a Good Day” and “Jvicy,” visit Royal Frontier.

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