Virginia-born rapper Missy Elliott has been hit with a lawsuit after skipping out on a Brazilian TV appearance and two concerts, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

The musician is being sued $75,000, which is the amount of the deposit Missy received back in 2012 to perform in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre later that year.

Jean Faustin of the Maestro Global Media Group, the man who filed the lawsuit, claims that Missy was a no show when it concerned promotion for the concerts, which were ultimately called off, and never returned the $75,000 deposit.

The lawsuit states that as part of their agreement, Missy was to promote the concerts on Brazilian TV.

“As part of the agreement, Elliott was supposed to promote the performances on Brazilian TV, the suit says. But the ‘Lose Control’ singer was a no- show, and when the concerts were eventually called off, she also didn’t return the deposit, the suit adds,” Page Six reports.

Missy has yet to respond publicly to the lawsuit.