Special Ed came up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop and stood out during what many considered a more “conscious” era.

Recently speaking to HipHopDX News Editor Soren Baker, the New York native explained the difference in what material goods people need to make themselves feel comfortable.

“It was the idea of just living and having everything that you may want or having your life situated to where it’s comfortable,” he said via a segment of today’s (October 1) DX Daily. “To me, my idea and someone else’s idea of comfortable may be different. Somebody might need a gold medallion to feel comfortable. I might need a house to feel comfortable.”

Special Ed also reflected on his “I Got It Made” single and authenticity of emcees and himself at the time.

“I think sometimes things are looked at literally so people thought that I had a lot of those things or it would be a good joke or a pun,” he explained. “There’s a question for every line in the song and I got the answer for every question.”

Watch the following DX Daily below: