Social media, if used correctly, can enhance the career of a celebrity and that’s definitely the case in Hip Hop.

The Game, who is known for his often interaction between himself and fans via Twitter and Instagram, recently spoke about not letting fans get one over on him.

“I don’t let social media overpower me. I use it to my advantage,” he recently told AllHipHop. “I fuck with my people, they fuck with me, but we have a fan-artist relationship.”

The Compton native also explained why fans have a bigger ego now and have less of a worship of musicians and athletes.

“Social media over the last 10 years has put the fan and the artist sort of on the same level ’cause now, if you have 100 followers, to those 100 followers you feel like you’re the celebrity,’ he said. “If you have a thousand followers you have a thousand people so you can sort of stunt and then when you see a celebrity, you like, ‘Ah, you know, fuck him, I’m the shit.’ I don’t allow that to happen. On my page, a fan stay a fan and I’m going to stay The Game so you not going to trump me on my shit, you not going to make me feel bad.”

The Game is slated to release his forthcoming album, Documentary 2 on October 9.

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