Without a doubt, 2015 has been a breakout year for Paterson, New Jersey Trap-N-B rapper/singer Fetty Wap. Kicking the year off with this year’s biggest single “Trap Queen,” he’s gone on to be the first artist in the 26-year history of Billboard’s rap chart to have his first four entries in the top ten appear simultaneously. For the third video from his self titled debut, set to drop September 25, 2015, “My Way” is filled with everything representing Zoo Wap’s newly established lifestyle.

Featuring KandyPens, expect the video to be another win for Wap. Speaking earlier this year to Crowdfund Insider, CEO Graham Gibson said his mission was simple: trying to change the game in a world and industry where every vaporizer virtually do the same thing. That level of ambition has pushed the brand into one of the most sought after vaping brands today. High Times Magazine awarded their SkyCloud and Black Edition pens “Top Vapor Pens of 2015.” Fetty Wap isn’t the only artist to endorse the brand, Chris Brown and Tyga recently utilized KandyPens in their “Bitches N Marijuana” video. With that in mind, Check out some of the best vape moments from the “My Way” video told through gifs.

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